About Western Pacific Timber

Washington Holdings

Western Pacific Timber, LLC owns timberlands in Klickitat County (the Simcoe block). This land is primarily managed for timber production, utilizing uneven-aged management techniques to produce a sustainable flow of fiber. In addition to timber production, over ninety-five percent of the Simcoe Block is leased to local ranchers for grazing.

Idaho Holdings

In 2005, Western Pacific Timber acquired its Idaho block from Plum Creek Timberlands. The Idaho property represents WPT’s second largest block of land ownership, consisting of approximately 40,000 acres of timberland, located in the Upper Lochsa area. These parcels are within the Clearwater National Forest and lie in a checkerboard ownership pattern with USFS lands and had previously been the subject of a proposed land exchange with the USFS. Since no consensus was reached on the land exchange, WPT is currently actively harvesting and managing timber on its Idaho lands. WPT previously owned approximately 178,000 acres of timberland in Southern Idaho and in the McCall area. These properties were sold in 2008.